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Antique Prints and Antique Maps from - Botanical Prints - William Rhind - The Vegetable Kingdom

Antique Botanical Prints of The Vegetable Kingdom by William Rhind.

Sections of Wood Magnified  Geographical Distribution of Plants  Fungi or Mushroom Plants 
Palms  Algae or Marine Plants  Cerealia or Grain Plants 
Canes &c.  Fruit Trees  Timber Trees 
Coniferae or Pine Trees  Boabob Banyan &c.  Ornamental Plants 
Tree Ferns  Cacti (Cactus)  Fruit & Ornamental Trees 
Palms Pines &c.  Pine Trees  Scene in Brazilian Forest 
Medicinal Plants  Spice Plants  Gum Plants 
Plants used as Food  Plants used in Dyeing  Plants used in Clothing and Cordage 
Vegetable Poisons  Fruits and Nuts 

William Rhind - The Vegetable Kingdom
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