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Image Download Information

Antique Prints and Antique Maps from - Image Download Information

Image Download Information has a large database of images and high-resolution images of antique and vintage art. We often have requests to use our images for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. Below you will find our policies and pricing regarding usage or image downloads. 

For all image usage we ask that proper crediting for the use of image, by stating 'Image courtesy of Antique Prints and Maps'. If it is for a publication, we also request one copy of the Book/Magazine/etc. upon production. All of our images and content on our website are copyright of

When ordering an image for download, please be sure to include the title of the image and the SKU number

We can provide 300dpi - 600dpi - and in some cases 1200dpi

Depending on the image requested and what type of usage applies, prices may vary. 

Our terms and conditions apply. 

Images for website use and other electronic media use i.e. (you tube - apps)
Non commercial - $25 per image - $150 for 10 images
Commercial - $75 per image - $500 for 10 images 

Television Usage
Advertisements - $500
Commercial T.V. Series - $500
Educational T.V. - $350

For printing: inside of books, journals, or magazines
Under 10,000 - $100
10,000 - 30,000 - $150
31,000 - 50,000 - $225
51,000 - 70,000 - $300
71,000 - 90,000 - $375
90,001 and over - $450

COVERS for Books, Journals or Magazines
Print run up to 50,000 copies - $350 
Print run over 50,000 copies - $600
90,001 and over - $850

Special Products (wallpaper, stationery, cards, clothing, puzzles, labels, etc.)
For commercial purposes - $750 per image


Copyright © 1990-2017 Antique Prints and Antique Maps from